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About the Trinity College Dischords Acappella Group
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Acappella: why?
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Acappella is a genre of singing where there are no instruments- only vocals. This is not to say that any of the Dischords are instrumentally challenged, mind you. In fact, it is well documented that Danielle, for example, is quite the saxophonist. And Bryce was actually able to convince large numbers of people that he could play the piano during his tenure in the group. But I digress. The Dischords are an acappella group, and they only use their voices to make music, along with the occasional clap, snap, stomp, whistle, or other nondescript mouth sound.


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At the beginning of every semester, all five of Trinity's acappella groups hold one auditions concert, usually in Hamlin Hall. The Dischords hold auditions after this concert and any Trinity student is welcome and encouraged to audition. During an audition, singers are asked to sing a verse and a chorus of a song that they feel shows off their vocal talents. Then the auditionees are taken through some basic vocal exercises. After that? Well, you'll have to get that far to see.


The Dischords rehearse five hours a week. At the beginning of each semester, all the Dischords sit down and arrange a rehearsal schedule that is best for everyone and that does not conflict with academics. In recent semesters, rehearsals have been at various times in the evenings on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for 75 minutes. Oftentimes, the rehearsals preceding a big performance are extended slightly to work on performance logistics and such.

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In addition to performing at the auditions concert every semester, the Dischords always hold a Final Concert at the end of the semester. Throughout the semester the Dischords host groups from other schools, and also visit other schools to collaborate with groups. We sing at many on-campus events throughout the year and are available for performances in the Greater Hartford area during the academic year. If you are interested in booking us, please contact Audrey Blumstein at trinitycollegedischords[at]

The Repertoire
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The Dischords pick new music in a slightly unusual way in that we choose specific arrangements of songs, rather than songs themselves. This means that individual group members can choose to arrange any song they’d like. (Assuming that it is not already chosen by another of Trinity’s acappella groups). Most of us use a scorewriting program like Finale or Sibelius to create vocal parts by listening to a song and looking at the sheet music or chord diagrams for that song. The arrangement is then presented to the group and the group decides through voting and discussion whether or not to learn and perform that particular arrangement, with the Musical Director leading the decision making process.

This method of choosing new music means that the individual members of the Dischords who arrange music are always trying new and exciting things in their arrangements, and the Dischords have no shortage of original acappella arrangements to draw from. Additionally, when the group chooses a new arrangement to sing, we often begin learning it within a day or two. This fast turnaround allows us to learn songs quickly, and to have a large repertoire. As far as the musical flavor of the group goes, most of the current repertoire is pop rock and alternative rock music from the last decade, but there are exceptions.

Group Organization
[The serious stuff]

The Dischords have five formal positions, four of which are officers: 

-The Social Director (Audrey Blumstein) is the counterpart to the Musical Director in leadership and is responsible for all scheduling, logistics, membership issues, group responsibilities, and the general organization of the Dischords. He or she is typically a senior member of the group with good leadership qualities and organizational skills.

-The Musical director (Matt Piros) steers the musical "direction" of the group, and is responsible for overseeing auditions, running rehearsals, proofreading arrangements, and the general musical prowess of the group. He or she typically has some knowledge of music theory and vocal technique.

-The Treasurer (Ben Cooper) is responsible for overseeing the Dischords spending and arranging fundraising. This is a person you can trust.

-The Public Relations Manager (Tierney Nolen) assists the Social Director in many functions, but is specifically focused on advertising for performances and contacting non-Trinity acappella groups to arrange hosting and visits. The P.R. Manager also oversees all social networking websites as well as the website.

-The Archivist (Tierney Nolen) is a non-officer position. He or she is responsible for keeping an accurate history of the Dischords, including membership, repertoire, performances and such. The archivist is also responsible for maintaining the Dischords Archive, which contains all of the past arrangements, recordings, promotional materials, and merchandise.

There are many other responsibilities in the day-to-day of the Dischords that members take care of in a more informal way. There are always flyers to be put up, websites to be updated, people to be bugged to update the website, and so on.



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