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[People Who Graduated]

Catherine Shortliffe - Class of 2010

Catherine will be working for Americorps on the West Coast and then will come back and visit us in Connecticut.


  Bryce Snarski-Pierce - Class of 2010

Bryce finally has a job in Southern CT where he plays with submarines.

Senior Song: Oh No You Didn't - The Wojhan Brothers

  Isabel Gottlieb - Class of 2009

Isabel is riding across the country on a bike to raise money to build houses. After that, she will study animals in Montana. After that, she will study some other animals in Costa Rica. After that, she says she will come back to Connecticut to chill with us.

Senior Song: Streetcorner Symphony - Rob Thomas

  Sunny Park - Class of 2008˝

Sunny is cute. She lives in Korea.

Senior Song: But I Do Love You - LeAnn Rimes

  Gene Pan - Class of 2008

Gene has awesome hair. He is a policeman in New Haven, CT.

Senior Song: Plush - Stone Temple Pilots

  Stacy Raboin - Class of 2008

Stacy "Staca" Raboin is currently wheelin' and dealin' in Wallingford CT, trying her hand at Edible Arrangements. She hopes to make her first million by 2015 and loves wearing business suits. She promises to visit.

Senior Song: Love Song - Sarah Bareilles

  Lesya Gaynor - Class of 2008

Lesya got a degree, and may be using it to help people with mental problems.

Senior Song: Faith - George Michael

  Niki Hall - Class of 2007

Niki Hall is living in Boston, working at Mass General.

Senior Song: Suddenly I See - KT Tunstall

   Samara Strauss - Class of 2007

Samara “Sawama” Stauss was the founder of the Dischords and is currently being a Mowcha.

Senior Song: No Such Thing - John Mayer

  Allison Mathis - Class of 2007

Allison is currently trying to take over the world with Robots by attending Robot grad school at UPenn. Be Afraid.

Senior Song: Mahna Mahna - Piero Umiliani

  Erika Lopes - Class of 2006

Erika “Mowcha” Lopes is our first and most favorite alumn to depart from the Dischords as of yet. She is going to law school in New Jersey.

Senior Song: Mad World - Tears For Fears / Michael Andrews & Gary Jules


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